Welcome to AntiSPAM 2 !

9.2.2004 Antispam2 Database cleared

Today I removed app. 50% of the Spamdatabase to reduce your download time and to fasten up the whole process. This may also correct a problem, for a few time, reported with 1.07 : If the dumps are to huge in size, it's possible to get an instable system.
Let me know if your problems gone now! If so, a 1.08 can be expected in a few days

What`s it all about?

You get SPAM and AntiSpam will detect SPAM and remove it from your Incoming folder. AntiSpam2 has a appr. hit rate of >70% . Because it`s more or less self-learning each new SPAM added to the internet database @ BenderIRC.de will increase the Hitaccurance step by step. A more advanced algorithm is possible, so it may be better in the future.

What`s new?

What do you need?

You need at least a 68040/25 to run it with proper speed.Interesstingly it`s not the check which takes so much time it`s restoring the database in RAM or generating a new antispam.dump after a fresh spam.db download .
You should be aware of having 100% cpu usage while reloading, but antispam is nice, it reduces it`s task priority, so your system will not suffer from it. And it does hurt if antispam needs a second more or less, because it can run asyncron, which means, it checks the mails without YAM and just informs YAM about the result. To be honest, you even can analyze your mails if YAM is not running at all :).
To answere the question about Simplemail, I don`t know it! If Simplemail stores mails in the same way as YAM, it will work!
FAST-Option works only with YAM!!!

If you don`t add new spams to the database, noone will get better results out of it!And YES, I know that the download at startup takes long with a modem :-)
you don`t really need to update every startup, you could store that command in a menu entry.


  1. extract this archive to RAM:
  2. click the INSTALL ICON
  3. 3. edit your AREXX config in YAM
  4. 3a. @startup:
    as AmigaDOS no waiting
  5. 3b. after mail download:
    as AmigaDOS waiting till exit..
( the comments may not exact , i use the german version as you can see)

Eine deutsche Anleitung liegt dem Archiv bei

If you wanne add a spam to the internet database just mark it, and start the AddSpammer.rexx Script via the generated menu entry! You can also mark as many mails as you like.
  • Iconify: Iconify GUI ( if started via WB )
  • Timeout: autoscan timeout in TICKS ( 1/50 secs )
  • Check: scans the choosen mailserver for spams
  • KILL: will kill all selected mails on the server
  • Account: (upper right corner)
    select the account you want to check you must edit the .emailcheck.cfg FIRST!
  • Server: domain name of your POP3 Server ie. pop.domain.tld
  • Port: port of pop3 service mostly 110
  • password: your pop3 password
  • Username: your pop3 username
  • MailSelect: press right mousebutton for a PopDownMenu
    select the (next) mail you wanne see , which was classiefied as spam. ONLY recognized spams will be shown.
  • Delete: if checked this mail will be deleted on "-KILL-"
  • Mails: progressbar
  • Spams: how much spams from the checked mails have been found.
  • Viewer: shows the selected mail

All found Spams are selected for DELETE by default

  • Iconify: Iconify GUI ( if started via WB )
  • Spam-Score: all scores above this border will be classified as SPAM
  • Stop: stop the AntiSpam2 Daemon
  • Start: start the AntiSpam2 Daemon
  • Save: saves your prefs and creates the needed antispam2.start file.
  • Sound: plays the "you`ve got SPAM" sound when you receive SPAM
  • Progress-Bar: enables the statistics display during mailscans
  • Fast: Scan only unread mails for SPAM .. You should enable it!
  • Extended: uses an extented alogrithm to check mails, which brings much better results.
  • Extented-Bar: If you want to know why it takes so long ;)
HTML-Datatype a very usefull piece of software. You need this or another html datatype installed!
AntiSPAM 0.5 *BETA* 2. Nov 2002 This AntiSpam System is not supportet anymore!!!
AntiSPAM 2 1.07(NewGui required) 24.10. 2003 This is what you need.
AntiSPAM Spamlist! You will find all listed SPAMs here.
SPAM Domains! Get an overview about which domain send how much spam.